Income Tax Preparation

Capital Assets Planning, Inc. (CAP) is a comprehensive financial planning firm that offers a variety of services to help worldwide clients manage their financial affairs.  Income Tax Preparation is one of the fee-based services offered in association with the McLean, VA office of Richard A. Hall, PC.

CAP clients have access to an expanded menu of  tax and accounting services. Rich Hall and his staff of CPAs coordinate with our staff to provide year-round tax help to CAP clients with individual and business tax needs.  We work with many clients who qualify to exclude Foreign Earned Income and/or benefit from Foreign Tax Credits. 

To become a tax client, you will sign a Tax Engagement Letter and submit your  tax information to us via scanning/fax/mail. We do not require you to complete a detailed tax organizer. Instead, we instruct you on how to organize your tax data and send it to us.
Returns are generally prepared on a first-come, first-served basis. However, we may occasionally give priority to clients who are likely to incur penalties or to those with extenuating circumstances, such as travel plans that might affect the ability to sign the return in a timely manner, a family crisis or a deadline for financial aid application.
The tax preparer will input your tax data using professional tax software and compare it to your prior year return. We may contact you (preferably by email) for additional information or clarification. If there is a choice of approaches (choice of filing status, for example), we run “what-if” scenarios with each alternative to determine which approach is most beneficial. A draft return is reviewed for accuracy, as well as for tax planning opportunities. The final version is then emailed to you for review and, upon receipt of your signed authorization, we will complete the e-file process.   If a return may not be e-filed or, if you elect out of e-filing, then traditional hardcopies will be provided to you to file.
We will include vouchers for making estimated tax payments, if needed. We will also alert you if we think tax withholding should be modified, if we identified any financial or tax planning opportunities, if we noticed any reason to amend a prior year return or if we anticipate any significant changes in your tax situation for the new year.  Hall maintains files with copies of your returns, as well as all documentation furnished by you.
If you are interested in having Hall prepare your income tax return, please email or call our office and we will be glad to send you our instruction packet and fee schedule.