Our Firm

Capital Assets Planning, Inc. (CAP) is a Registered Investment Advisor firm that has been providing personalized and comprehensive financial recommendations to clients since 1986. We strive to develop meaningful relationships with clients, while minimizing their financial uncertainties. CAP has provided services to US citizens and US Resident Aliens living all over the world. Our clients work or have worked in all sectors of government, as well as in the private sector.  Many come from the US Department of State, USAID, Peace Corps, UN/World Bank organizations, International Development Consulting firms or their own self-employed consulting firms.

Our planning models include any or all of the following:

  • Initial comprehensive financial planning for a flat fee
  • Specifically defined targeted planning for a flat fee
  • “Out of the Starting Gate” program for young adults for a flat fee
  • Ongoing investment implementation, advice and/or third-party investment management strategies for an asset-based fee
  • Ongoing investment implementation strategies and reviews for a fee-offset-by-commission arrangement.

Tax strategies are included as part of all of our services.

The CAP office is located in Arlington, VA.  We may also schedule meetings via phone or video conferencing using Ring Central, Skype or WhatsApp.

We will be glad to send you a more detailed introduction to our practice, including our philosophy of client service, if you Click Here to Contact CAP