Our Services

The CAP Financial Planning process begins with an analysis of your current financial situation with the goal of identifying strategies that can help enhance your financial security over time.

We educate you about your financial options, help you select money managers and implement your chosen strategies, recommend modifications as needed over the course of years, and review the management of your investments and the progress toward your goals.

Our initial one-year financial planning service, for which a flat fee is charged, may include advice on:  
• Cash Management
• Net Worth Review
• Debt Management
• Tax Planning
• Investment Strategies
• Insurance Planning
• Estate Planning 
• Education Funding
• Retirement Planning
• Home Purchase & Financing
• Charitable Gifting Strategies


On-going services for accounts held through CAP may also be provided on either an asset-based fee, hourly fee or fee-offset-by-commission arrangement (or a combination of any of these). We will always disclose how we are compensated. These services include:
• Investment strategy Implementation
• Asset allocation & rebalancing
• Performance and cost-basis tracking
• Coordination of tax and investment strategies
• Tax withholding estimates
• Assistance with financial decisions
• Assistance to heirs
• Web-based consolidated reporting that enables CAP clients to check on their
  portfolios 24 hours a day through a secure website link
• Analysis for Roth conversion, qualified charitable distributions, realizing capital
  gains/losses and other strategies for tax-efficient use of investment accounts held
  through CAP